Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bad News

Well I have been talking to the Alex at the body repair shop (Classic Car Centre)and the news is not good. Looks like the last paint job did a good job of covering up all the fillers, goo, patches and whatever else was holding the metal together.
What initially seemed like a simple floor pan replacement has now turned into;
Floor pans
Doors cills, front and back
Rear bed
Read wheel arches 
One front wheel arch

So there you have it ... its a mess, I just did a quick price on the replacement panels and patches $2500.00 ... :(

So here the problem, if i spend a heap on money on the truck I will never get it back. If I dont spend the money  I will always know the truck is not right !!!!!!

I'll updated when I've decided what to do 

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Big Decision

Ok, so the bits of rust are starting to get the better of me ....

As I mentioned before I don't intend (well not in the short term anyway to have a full nuts & bolts restoration on the the BJ), but the rust on the underside gets me down. I went as far as trying to get a welding course, me being over optimistic and thinking I could do the metal work myself, but I have come to the conclusion that the expense and time in me doing the metal work would eventually prove fruitless.
So I have decided to get a restoration guy to have a look at the underside of the truck and see how bad or good it actually is.
I rang the guy last night, and when I mentioned I was hoping to get some metal work done to a Landcruiser he replied "you and half the country" :)
Seems the BJ's are vintage machine of choice these days.
Besides by lack of welding skills, the other reason for going the route of a professional is that the roll cage should be arriving in a few weeks and given that it is only bolted to the floor, I figured the floor at least should be right !.
Will be interesting to get his views on the truck and its overall condition ......