Wednesday, 3 July 2013

All Done !

All Done ... Well for now anyway !

Last piece of the Jigsaw …

First things first, the suspension, well it seems the uncontrolled and erratic bonce is gone. After a few e-mails, and some measurements, Bob (Tpi4x4) diagnosed the problem, there was a mismatch on the shocks and...
now the erratic bounce is gone !!!. Thanks Bob.
So now to the 5 Speed. It’s one of those things, you hear people say ‘Can’t believe I ever managed to drive it with a 4 speed’. Well is true, I cannot explain the transformation in the old TLC now that the 5 speed is installed. It’s changed the TLC from a MF35 to something that could now be driven everyday with pleasure. The gear ratios are far better, no long gap between 3rd & 4th and that mythical 5th gear on good roads, the holy grail . But its more than just the gear ratios, there’s a serious reduction in overall sound in the cab. With the revs kept at a sensible level the ear deafening drown is gone. Driving the old TLC is now a pleasure.
So now with the turbo, power steering, 5 speed box and some sound insulation, It’s the first time in a while, where I felt I could actually take on a seriously long drive and look forward to it.


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