Thursday, 8 March 2012

Decision made ..

Well I have decided to strip the BJ down to the chassis, This is exactly what I never planed on doing, but the truth be known I bought a truck that had all the rush and rot hidden under paint. So I could drive it as it is, but I would only be putting off the work that would eventually have to be done.
Having made the decision to get the body work done, I cant weld or any of that stuff, so it had to go to a body shop. I went about checking and pricing replacement panels, patch panels, 1/2 and 3/4 tubs. The real problem was while there was 60% of the body work in reasonable state (repairable), the labour for the remaining cutting, patching and welding was looking crazy. The more I though about it, the more a 3/4 tub seemed the way to go. Nice idea, but not to many 3/4 tubs in Ireland, I checked some of the tubs that were being imported and was not to impressed with the quality of the steel.
So out of curiosity I checked the aluminium tubs, ok they seem expensive at first but when I compared the cost of the patch repair panels, floor front, bed liner, wheel arches, rocker panels etc, there was only about seven hundered euro in the different. The labour and time saving, if I could get the aluminium tub, seemed to outweight the additional cost.
So that where it is now, I'm a day or two away from ordering the aluminium tub :). And as usual when anyone ordered stuff for their Landcruiser, they can never avoid slipping in a few other bits .....

The Aqualu Aluminium tub :)

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