Wednesday, 20 June 2012

So it really starts

Well its been a well but at last there is some progress ...
Its funny to go to a workshop and see your LandCruiser or whats left of it spread all over the place. Its like you had what you thought was a reasonable TLC only to find that in fact the only goods bits were the frame, running gear and the roof. But that's what happens when you decide to try and do thing right.
Here's a picture of the sandblasted and primed chassis ..

The good news is the frame is pretty good bar the cross member at the front which needs a bit of replacement metal.
The bulk head has been cut from the body, sand blasted and primed, still needs a small bit of patching in the floor.

So yea its goes from a perfectly working BJ41 to just a frame, bulkhead and a heap of parts. 
But that doesn't take from the excitement of knowing that work is actually being done and the people doing the work are as enthusiastic about the project and even more so about the pile of new parts. Its an impressive sight to see the alu tub, the quality and strength is unbelievable.
Then theirs the s3xy bits, the ARB lockers front and back, the winch and turbo kit all sitting there waiting to be installed.
I'm hoping now that everything has arrived and is in place the project will move along a bit quicker.
Well hoping anyway :)

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