Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Big Decision – Conclusion

So the aluminium tub has been fitted to the original bulkhead. It looks far better than expected.  The fit and alignment is perfect. The guys at the classic car center were not too happy with the way it is generally fitted and they made a heap of adjustments where the alu tub meets the bulkhead. Additional base plates were fitted below the junction and additional plates fitted where the doors meet the bulkhead. This means the tub now fits flush with the floor and the external lower walls to the existing bulkhead. They went as far as to throw out the nuts that came with the tub and got countersunk stainless steel nuts instead. Can’t say enough about the attention to detail, and the overall look, of the tub.  
We were having a look at the bulkhead and dash in its raw state and I thought it would be pretty nice to go with a minimal look inside. I suggested we ditch the AC unit which sits below the passenger side glove compartment and I said, kinda jokingly, wouldn’t it be cool to ditch the old heater unit which looks pretty untidy in front of the gear sticks.  So another neat idea, move the heater unit below the floor and run air/vent pipes to the front.  This would tidy up the whole are below the dash and leave space for other more usefull stuff like CB or SatNav
Decided to switch all the original switch gear, just run a line of toggle switches and move the kill switch out of sight. Think this will look clean and tidy and the old switch layout was a bit hap hazard. Never to clever having a kill switch beside the wiper switch ;)
So back to the title ‘Big Decision’ .. well I think despite the expense and time the aluminium tub is a life time investment and will give the truck another 30 years … Getting the tub was  Definitely  the right thing to do !
Any ways here some photos of the alu tub 

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