Friday, 28 September 2012


A short note about a short snorkel ...

So when the snorkel arrived, unpacked and admired .. yes it was a quality snorkel.
Its a real neat piece of kit and fits really well to the BJ, however its mounted on the passenger side (no problem), but that means that a long flexible air pipe has to run along the driver side and across the bulk head to the passenger side to meet the snorkel. Again no big deal, but we didnt really like the idea of a long untidy flexy pipe looking untidy under the bonnet.
So we had a better idea, get a new snorkel made to fit the driver side and lower the pipe to clear the folding wind shield. Its going to look neat and just high enough to clear the bow wave :)
But there will be an extension pipe, if ever needed.

 On the right is the snorkel that arrived and to the left is the start of the new driver side snorkel
 This is how the finished metal work looks, ready for paint.

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