Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dune Beige

Who would have thought that picking a colour could be such an ordeal  ....

Well I suppose I should clarify the above by saying it was actually never a decision because I was always going to pick dune beige. Why ?, because its the best colour I have seen on a TLC. So why the ordeal, well its because of that small bit of doubt that creeps in whenever you have to make a decision that could either make or break a project and a decision that you really dont want to regret ...

Just a small bit of background. We looked at a few options
1. Dune Beige - Because its and origional colour
2. Sand Storm - A modern colour from the FJCruiser and a back-up if the Dune Beige didnt look right
3. Metalic Dark Grey - Something completely different

We did samples of all colours had a look and decided the Dark Grey was not for this project and the Sand Storm was a bit lighter than expected. The Dune Beige was the right choice. So that was that untill the first finished coat was applied

But on close inspection the paint was full of minute dirt particles. Alex was none to impressed, to be honest I would not have really noticed. But he was having none of that and having the whole paint job redone !

But here's the thing, I had seen plenty of photos of TLC's with Dune Beige and all had different shades, the one he had was not to bad. That is until it is compared to the new or redone done final paint. The paint this time was a different brand and the quality is far superior to the previous. So much so that it transforms the look of the TLC. The better quality paint has a much deeper tone a richer quality.
Although you can only see a small sample of the new paint in the photos below, its a far better colour when compared to the photos above.
So Dune Beige is not always Dune Beige :)

Anyways the truck is coming together .. seems like its been an age (actually it has been) ... but considering it will last another 30 years, a few wont worry to much about a few extra weeks.

All the running gear is fitted, body bolted to the chassis, main plumbing installed, power steering complete. The compressor is fitted (tucked neatly inside the engine bay), with the air line nozzle connection mounted just above the rigt hand air vents for easy access from the outside.
The new dial and switch gear have been fitted, although a few tweaks still to make. But overall the new arrangement looks pretty sharp. The electrics are being done now .. not something I would like o be doing ..

More photos here
Record Photos 15-11-2012

Oh for anyone who is interested about the completion date ...
When I asked when I could have the keys, the answer was ...  "Anytime you like ... but dont expect to have the truck"
When I asked when the truck would be finished, the answer was  ... "It will be finished when its finished"

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