Monday, 7 January 2013

What a difference a Year Makes .... !

What a difference a Year Makes .... !

Well believe it or not it is close to one year since I started this blog. The first post was on January 30 2012. Just shows how optimistic I was back then, ordering superficial bits and pieces without actually realizing how bad the bodywork was on the old BJ.
But then again I didn't realize what I actually wanted other than I thought it looked cool !.
Thats the problem with Toyota Land Cruisers and I suppose any other off road truck that you think you might want to change to suit your own needs. The second you start down the run of changing/upgrading the possibilities are endless. The only barrier is the amount of money you want to spend.
I my case I wanted the truck to look a certain way and wanted confidence that everything would work as it should and add a few modern upgrades. But most important I wanted it to last and hopefully not have to replace anything in the next 30 years !.
So where are we 12 months later.
Pretty much on the home straight. The body work is now complete. The running gear is all done, engine is wired and was started for the first time in 11 months !. Wiring is 90% done.

So whats left ...
The last shipment of parts is now on the way. The list of items to be done now fits on one A4 page .. that's is a milestone in its self. 
* Some small wiring issues, spot lights, glow plugs, stereo and speakers.
* The seats need a bit of attention.
* Front bumper being chopped and painted
* Roof rack
* Fit top section
* Emblems

The good bits ..
The paint is prefect for the truck. The sound of the lockers engaging is the best. Full stainless steel exhaust. But probably the one thing that will make the most difference is the electric steering, it works better than we thought.

So the big question ... Is it worth it ?
I've been thinking about it and the truth is the money can never be recouped. But I think that's the nature of any restoration/rebuild.  The pleasure is the research, the knowledge you pick about, the decisions based on friends/forums/experts. But most of all its a one of a kind, unique, hopefully something that will last and give a few years enjoyment.

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