Friday, 4 October 2013

Sandy's Little Brother

Well thats the plan … I’ll out this out there and see what comes of it.
So who is Sandy’s little brother …..
First off Sandy (BJ41) is finished and I have decided not to think about, more power, coil springs, sound proofing anymore. I met a Land Cruiser man last week end, this man has had and worked on Land Cruisers for as long as he could remember. He looked the BJ41 over top to buttom, stood back and said it was in his opinion one of the best if not the best BJ40 he has ever come across. Needless to say I was delighted and it was then that I decided that the BJ is correct as it is and enjoy it as it is. So no more work or modifications to Sandy !
But that leaves me with a small problem, what do I do now, because in my mind I have more Land Cruiser stuff to do. Interesting thing is I have always thought the 40 series body on an 80 series chassis would be pretty neat. The looks of a 40 with the world conquering running gear of an 80. As it turned out the Land Cruiser man I met on the weekend just happened to have a few 80′s lying around. I drove 4 of them and they all drove great. That kinda got my mind thinking about the 40/80 mongrel I have being thing about for the last 2 years.
So heres the big picture, get an 80, strip it down to the engine and rolling chassis, find a half decent pre 1980 40 series, splice the 80 series frame to be 40 series frame and plant the 40 series body on top.
Why .. well only thing that could be improved on the 40 is the wheel base (if you want endless driving). The 80 has the additional length, more modern engine and running rear. No big deal really .. well maybe not so simple. The 80 series is quite a bit longer than the 40. Suppose these are just minor details. So here’s a quick snapshot of an 80 chassis, with a 40 sitting on top

 Ok .. just so you all know this is copyright K .................... !

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