Monday, 2 June 2014

Classic Toyota Show in Frosses - Donegal

I have been trying to organize the back of the 60 to accommodate one person on the trip to planned next October. The plan was to have a bed with storage under along one side. The pull out fridge and small storage on behind the passenger side and maintain seating for driver, two passengers. Here's a photo of the rough setup 

So to test the camper idea, took the 60 up to Donegal for the weekend. The set-up will work fine, just needs to adjustment and additional. Need to get a mattress foam and sort some blinds out. They are the main problems, there are a few other bits like battery, compressor and better organization of space. but I think it could work :)
Anyways here a few photos of the weekend and the other 80's that came along.

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